Holiday Cornwall

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Being one of the UK’s most prestigious holiday letting companies, Holiday Cornwall constantly strives to understand and meet their clients’ needs, as well as assuring those who spend their holidays in the properties, have all they could wish for. So when it came time to upgrade their entire booking system and online presence, Holiday Cornwall looked for the best. They found i catching design to be the perfect partners to provide not just the creative flair with copy and imagery, but more importantly the technical know-how to implement the best available booking system that transformed their business on all levels and immediately increased bookings.

Our work covered:

We are a holiday letting company that has been established for over 30 years. With plenty of competition we needed to create a website that fitted into the 21st century and all the new technology that this involves. ICD created our all singing and dancing website and helped us with the integration of an online booking system. They were communicative during the whole process and a pleasure to work with.
Michelle Riby, Business Manager