Illustrated Catwalk Queen

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men in suits on catwalk runway

Two looks from Richard James’ London Collections: Men AW16 Chains + Cranes collection show, as seen on the runway and through the eyes of icd client and top illustrator Emma Mullen.

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Inspirational work – Grassroots Tanzania

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images and text newsletter

Few of us imagine that our work at school, and even the connections we make there, could one day see us saving a part of the planet. But this is exactly what has happened to Charlotte Hopley, co-founder of Grassroots Tanzania. Teaming up with our very own Clare Thompson Managing director of ICD UK, Grassroots Tanzania has become a beacon for conservation projects across Africa and in the most recent edition of the prestigious public school magazine, ‘Belvedere Chronicles’, this wonderful story is told…

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Wrapping things up nicely

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wilcox cider bottle on grass

As a marketing whiz and coming from a family of architects and interior designers, you might say María Elena Moré is no stranger to the concept of design and its value in everyday life. Here we recount her wise words when it comes the importance of ‘packaging’ a brand or product…

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