A site for all eyes

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When new clients Go-Africa Volunteers came to icd, they were looking for a website which would not only offer an extensive range of diverse ‘added extras’ for thier customers, but a site that was also easy to manange and looked ‘bespoke’ without the heafty price tag. icd came up with a wonderful WordPress package that did the lot…

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We think ahead, you focus on the now.

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At icd we don’t have a crystal ball, but our innovation and experience keeps us ahead, so that our clients’ needs and, perhaps more importantly, their customers’ needs, are met before they even arise. A great example is the bespoke software we delivered for educational requirements in Africa…

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Attraction & retention, mastering the art of a great newsletter

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Communication is the key to success of any organisation. Digital ‘Newsletter’ now grace inboxes worldwide. Yet many fail to convert the words, images and links into good business and happy clients. A newsletter that delivers information, engages the readership and generates profit, requires care and an understanding of what will create interest… icd can help you and take the hassle out of producing your regular newsletter!

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